Sunday, January 29, 2012


Welcome to Mind Body and Bike.  I'll be your host throughout this little adventure that I hope you will enjoy.  My goal is to document my journey to health and fitness and how I discovered and continue to grow my passion for cycling.

I've been a follower of the Tour de France for over twenty years, but for some moronic reason, never thought cycling was for me.  At my heaviest, I weighed in at 270 lbs in 2008 and realized that I had to do something about my health.  I started jogging and lifting weights and the pounds started to come off.  The jogging and weight lifting continued through 2010, but the fire was gone.  Hitting the pavement or the treadmill began taking its toll on my knees and feet and  the desire began to dwindle.  I realized that I needed to change tactics or I would lose all the hard work I had put in.  It was after the conclusion of the 2010 Tour de France that I really started to think about incorporating cycling into my workout routine.  I made my first glorious visit to Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin, Texas and purchased my first road bike.  The rest, as they say, is history.

My relationship with my bike is obsessive as I scope out all the new gadgets, "toys" as my wife calls it, and learn how to be a sufficient wrench turner in maintaining my trusty steed for the next ride.  I continue to lose the weight and am currently in the 215-220 lbs. range.  I still drool over the coolest tech gear while trying to stay mentally sharp and incorporating exercise routines that not only strengthen my body, but also make me a stronger rider.