Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Destination...Bonk City

Hello once again my friends and welcome back.  I hope you all have had a good week and are enjoying some well deserved R&R.  Thanks for checking out the blog and allowing me to share my journey to be a stronger, leaner, faster version of myself.

The best solution I have found to combat a stressful work week has been and continues to be solid, hard workouts.  Now I won't get into the science of the benefits of working out, but I think we can all agree that a person simply feels better and less stressed after exercise.
(See "You Done Been Shrunk Cortisol!! for a previous post regarding relieving stress)

Thursday evening Workout
This week definitely couldn't end fast enough so toward the end of the week, I really hit the weights hard.  Two workouts leading up to my Saturday morning ride may have to led my bonk close to the end of my ride.

Thursday's workout really taxed my shoulders and upper body while working on my lower body.  It's difficult to see in the picture, but it entailed:
A. Strict Press
B. 4 Sets of Snatch Balance
C. Clean and Jerk every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 10 minutes
D. 5 minutes As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) with each round being 15 double under or 45 normal jump ropes and 3 Power Cleans
I increased my normal weight for these exercises which increased the challenge.

Friday's workout was also another challenge that worked both upper and lower body.

Here is a definition of the acronyms:
DU=Double Under Jump Rope
HRPU= Hand Release Push Ups
OH Lunges= Overhead Lunges
OHS=Overhead Squats

All these were done at 115 pounds which is an increase in weight for me.

Next came my Saturday morning ride, which you can view through my Strava link below.  I actually rode 22 miles, but Strava shows only 18. I am getting better at tackling the rollers and actually got a third place achievement for a Strava segment.  I'm pretty stoked about it since I was certain that wasn't going to happen this ride.  I pushed hard on nearly every climb and kicked in the high cadence pedaling on several sections.

My legs were cooking.  At mile 10,  legs were feeling like jello and a few times I started to get that throbbing in my head, by the peak of the climb at mile 16, I had to stop.  I was cooked.  My legs were done, I was pedaling squares and I feel like I was starting to get a little tunnel vision.  I got off the bike in a shady spot, began to eat and take on additional fluid.  Never had I recalled the feeling I was experiencing at that moment.  Spending 10-15 minutes off the bike trying to recover was not only needed for me to finish the ride, but a time to remember this mistake.  Eat and drink often, exhale fully to expel as much CO2 out for the body as effectively as possible and to listen to the body more closely. The last two miles back to my starting point were less filled with aggressiveness and fire and more about keeping enough energy in the tank to keep from going to the red line again.  The positive note to this experience was that I pushed my body slightly past its limit and survived.  I look forward to pushing this hard again with a better nutritional plan to see how far I can push my body to the next level.

I hope you find this helpful and somewhat entertaining.  Have a great week and get out and push beyond your limits.

Until the next time, Keep your mind sharp, body fit, and pedal hard MB&B