Sunday, May 13, 2012

Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park

Foundation Training

I recently received the book, Foundation, by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park, that I have yet to complete reading.  What I have learned thus far is that in order to be a stronger athlete, your foundation, which include your abs, obliques, back, glutes, and hamstrings, must receive equal training time.  I am fortunate to have practiced a few of these exercises before reading this book as I suffered a lower back injury some years ago (nothing that required surgery) and have looked for ways to alleviate and strengthen my back.

***Note: At the time of my injury, I was 15-25 pounds heavier, so weight is a HUGE factor(no pun intended...well maybe) in increasing your risk for back issues***     

Building a stronger mid-section, you are able to generate more power for your specified sport or fitness goals as well as reduce fatigue in those support areas for endurance events.  By understanding a little anatomy and physiology, Goodman and Park teach you how to strengthen and build a solid mid-section that will also alleviate lower back pain that many of us suffer as a result of sedentary lives, poor posture, or as a result of injury.  

The following video clips will provide a few methods to strengthen your foundation, beginning with an exercise called the "Founder".  I hope you enjoy the videos and find them useful as you incorporate these exercises in your fitness training.

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