Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY-Tire Drag/Sled to Build Strength

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Today, I decided to share an inexpensive project that will aid in developing strength for everyday cyclists, CrossFitters, athletes, or general fitness.  I built this tire drag/sled and spent less than $30 for all of it.  You heard me right, $30.

I called my local Discount Tire Co and asked if I could rummage through their old tires and they obliged allowing me to take whatever tire I desired at no cost.  These tires end up going to a scrap yard to be repurposed and the tire company usually has to pay a fee for the disposal.  I found this All-Terrain tire and selected it purely for its bulk.  You can choose any tire that suits your gym or need.  The remaining parts were purchased at my local hardware store.  The tow strap was the most expensive item ($20.00).  I used a rubber handled hitch pin, but I've seen drawer pulls, carabiners, large fish-eye bolts and several others used as the anchoring point for the tow strap.

I used a drill bit with the same diameter as the hitch pin to make the hole in the tire and made the hole close to the middle of the tire tread.  Make sure you keep a firm grip on the drill.  Drilling through the rubber is the easy part and it gets a bit more difficult when the bit makes contact with the steel belt.  Once you get through the steel, try to clean out the hole of any excess debris.

Insert the hitch pin as shown below.  This pin is a bit longer than desired, but I used it for the handle that will not bind up the tow strap, which you will see shortly.  To make sure the pin stays in place, I used two over sized washers before inserting the lynch pin.

Next, run the tow strap through the handle so you have the straps of equal length to use for dragging or pulling.  These straps come with sewn loops at the ends so you can also run the strap through the loop as shown on the right picture and now you have the ability to hand over hand pulls.  I've used the empty tire as a warm up and then added weight to increase the intensity.

There you have it, my friends an easy an inexpensive piece of strength building equipment for your home gym.  Now let's see how long it takes the neighbors to stop calling me the weird guy with tire strapped to him. Have fun making this for yourself and shoot me a comment or an email if you have any other questions.

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