Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Fav Meals

These meals are a staple in my home as they are easy to make, great tasting, and good for you, not to mention it makes enough for leftovers so you can focus on sharpening your mind and body without having to spend every night cooking.   

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

MB&B Substitutions: 
  • brown rice instead of white 
  • nix the cheese
  • add cayenne or slight dashing of Tony Chachere's (use lightly due to sodium)  



Turkey Chili Taco Soup

MB&B Substitutions: 
  • nix the sour cream
  • added light sprinkling of coucous
  • add chopped green onions

Until the next time, 
Keep your mind sharp, body fit and pedal hard


  1. Those are good ideas Dino! That's Turkey Chili gets me through my work weeks for lunch. Nommmmm.

  2. I should have mentioned that we usually go without the chips as well. It does make for a pretty presentation, but can benefit from reducing the carb intake. I have the Santa Fe Chicken for lunch today! SO GOOD!